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Dear Prospective Participants and Highly Esteemed Advisors,


It is of my utmost honour to welcome you all to the first session of Büyük College Model United Nations which will be held between the dates 15-18 of May 2020; Ankara, Turkey.


My name is Duygu Uraş and I will be serving as the Secretary General of the conference. With my whole heart and sincerety, I can unhesitantly say that there has been an incredible effort being put forth in every single step and detail of this conference. We have worked tirelessly throughout the process to ensure that everything will go smoothly and in an orderly fashion. Through this process the team of organisers have learned so much and been able to improve ourselves by working so closely together  I have been priveledged to work with such and amazing Academic and Organization Team which I am so thankful for.


We have made the saying of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk “All my hope is youth!” our inspiration as we began this process and it has shaped and defined every aspect of our conference.  We firmly believe that hope is found in the youth of today and this has enlightened our way.  It is our desire to give this same kind of hope that Atatürk envisioned to all of BIGMUN’s participants.


During the preparation process of our committees and their agenda items, our main purpose was to create a suitable environment for participants. A place where they will have an opportunity to widen the borders of their minds and to improve their abilities.  It is our hope by presenting unprecedented agenda items that it will be a catalyst for participants to approach the problems of this world with a new mindset.


With that being said, we are looking forward to see you with us! It will be our joy to host you and I know that we will all be strengthened and challenged as we tackle the issues of today together.


                                                                                                          Duygu URAŞ

                                                                                                      Secretary General


Highly Esteemed Participants and Distinguished Advisors;


It is our utmost honor to welcome you all to BIGMUN’20. As the President of the General Assembly on behalf of our organization family, I would like to inform everyone that even though this is the first MUN conference being held at Büyük College Private High School, the organizing team is highly experienced and has expended extraordinary effort to ensure that every necessary measure has been taken. The organizing team is determined and eager for this year’s MUN to be a success.


Just as the Model United Nations gives us, the younger generation, the opportunity to become acquainted with the ongoing critical world affairs,we also are able to improve our problem solving capabilities, broaden our mind and enhance our knowledge about global politics. We see BIGMUN as a step to a better future which will be constituted by us,the youth. We have based the creation of our conference by getting inspiration from Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK’s marvelous quotation: “All my hope is youth!” BIGMUN particularly aspires to contribute to raising the next generation as a hope for the future and not to become a disappointment to humanity,especially ATATÜRK.


Throughout history, this planet has born witness to countless cruel war fares, inequality, violation of human rights and worse.  In particular, our world has seen people turning into brutal,merciless living-beings.Today the world is filled with desperate people who are trying to survive by leaving their homeland or dealing with deadly diseases. There are children out there begging for mercy. Wars,disputes, and weapons are becoming more and more fatal.People are becoming inhumane. If and only if we as the youth of today push our limits, work hard,take action and believe in ourselves will be able to change the future and save the entire planet. Those who came before us and made a significant impact on this world were just like us – learning, solving, and doing something about it.


As the President of the General Assembly, I summon the entire BIGMUN family:delegates, advisors, team members, administrative staff etc. to continue improving themselves,think big,work hard,take action,do their best,seek for a better future and honor Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK with their actions and participation.

                                                                                                                                         Sezen ÖZKALP

                                                                                       President of the General Assembly