Political Stability for Global Peace.
22-24 January

Highly Esteemed Participants and Distinguished Advisors,


It is my utmost honor to welcome you all to the second official session of BIGMUN on behalf of our entire organizing team as the Secretary-General of the conference. Saying this with all my sincerity, I have witnessed a fascinating example of hard work through the organization period of our conference. From the executive board to academic and organization teams, each and every single member of the organizing team has put a great deal of effort to present our participants an unforgettable experience which most certainly will be an outstanding opportunity of spreading knowledge upon global affairs and diplomacy, taking a step to procuring possible solutions for very crucial topics of the 21st century and more importantly, creating an environment where we can all become a better version of ourselves.


As in all past and future editions of BIGMUN, our main vision has been shaped by a quote from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, “All my hope is youth!” As Atatürk -a leader with a brilliant view- has put his faith on the youth, we should put our faith on ourselves as well. Today’s young generation is the true owner of the future, not the current world leaders. Thus, only we are able to shape our own path, write our own story and make a difference. Following this view, we desire to be a part of raising responsible citizens and revealing the power of our generation. Alongside this vision of ours, we have determined the theme of our conference as “Political stability for global peace”. Looking at the world issues of every aspect, it is clearly seen that the crux of all those problems is political instability. Therefore, all of our committees and agenda items have been chosen elaborately in accordance with the conference theme.


Last but not the least, I profoundly assure you that our determination, passion, and hard work combined with the experience we have gained last year, will make the second edition of BIGMUN even more unique and successful. With my whole heart, I am looking forward to meeting you all in our conference.





Secretary-General of BIGMUN 2021

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