Büyük College is a model educational institution founded by Hikmet Doğay in 1951 where enthusiastic, successful and innovative world citizens are raised in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance. Following this vision, Büyük College instils in the students the awareness of respecting different cultures while maintaining their own cultural identities and thus contributes to world peace.


     Our school provides education at international standards in English and in other modern languages to develop an international perspective among students; with its international perspective for education, leads the students towards an international awareness and presents the students opportunities to gain knowledge and skills necessary to take their place in the global world  order.     

     Büyük College also carries out programs which instill social responsibility, self-confidence, high moral values and environmental awareness with the aim to help students contribute positively to the world’s future. In our college, a policy of equality in an atmosphere of non-discrimination in all processes starting from enrolment until graduation is followed.  In addition, Büyük College abides by the principles as required by the Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation.

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