1. All participants are obliged to follow the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

  2. Any cancellation must be notified to BIGMUN’21 team immediately.

  3. During the conference each participant must follow the instructions of BIGMUN team and their student officers.

  4. It is compulsory for all delegates to join the sessions with cameras and microphones open. Chairs are authorized to mute delegates. If any delegates do not obey these rules, they cannot take any certificate and also they will be eliminated from the meeting by chairpersons in case of a sabotage.

  5. Chat usage except for communicating with chairpersons is strictly forbidden.

  6. BIGMUN online is not responsible from any security bugs that might be caused by third parties.

  7. Misuse of technical devices is not tolerated.

  8. All participants must be aware that BIGMUN Online can record video, photograph or publish them on our official website and Instagram account of BIGMUN Online.

  9. The final committee, country/character allocations are up to the secretariat although participants have made their own preferences.

  10. Each participant must be in formal dress attire.

  11. Participants will not receive any certificate if they do not attend more than one session.

  12. Any kind of plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  13. Every participant must be aware that any mistake will have consequences in order of decree:

      i. an oral warning

      ii. an official warning (including decertification)

      iii. expulsion

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